Will Modi government apologise to students for CBSE paper leak, ask Congress

New Delhi, March 30 : Questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the CBSE paper leak, the Congress on Friday said that a “mafia” is controlling India’s examination system and if the government can’t ensure security of school question papers, how will it ensure the seurity of the country.

The party also asked why Modi and his government was not apologising to the students for the CBSE paper leak. “When there is darkness in the country, the ‘chowkidar’ (the Prime M
“Is anyone happy under Modi government? Farmers crisis is at its peak, they’re not receiving right MSPs for their produce and now students are suffering due to this CBSE paper leak.

“CBSE paper leak is not the only paper leak. The SSC scam was another major concern. If the government does not take accountability for its wrongdoings, then who will?” he asked.

“If a government can’t even ensure security of school question papers, how will it ensure security of the whole country?”

Sibal also said that “mafia is controlled the examination system in India – be it Vyapam, SSC or the CBSE” and the accused the government of “protecting the mafia everywhere” and “working in collusion” with it.

“PM Modi is silent on this. Is he not worried. 20 lakh students have to appear for examination again. No one is saying sorry to the students who are on the streets. Not a single person has apologised.

“Are they so arrogant that the government is shying away from saying sorry?” he asked.

Sibal said that it was the first time that 20 lakh students are appearing for an examination based on a single question paper. ”

Earlier, different zones had different question papers for the same subject and it too, there were changes made in the serial numbers of questions in different centres.

“Why did they change the system? Was there any pressure? The HRD minister (Prakash Javdekar) didn’t reply to this. Who made this change?

“Why was the CBSE Chairperson abruptly replaced even before his tenure ended?” he asked.

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