We nearly won 7-year Syrian war, says Assad

Damascus, May 31 : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that his administration has nearly won the seven-year-long war as the army has made major progress in the fight against the rebels, media reports on Thursday said.

He also said that the West was trying to prolong the crisis with every Syrian victory.

“With every move forward for the Syrian army, and for the political process…, our enemies and our opponents, mainly the West led by the US and their puppets in Europe and in our region, try to make it farther, either by supporting more terrorism, bringing more terrorists to Syria, or by hindering the political process,” Xinhua cited a report in Russia Today quoting Assad.

The Syrian President said if it was not for the foreign support to the rebels in Syria, the militants could have been defeated within a year.

After the advance of the Syrian army, as well as the unreliable nature of opposition forces, the US administration has started losing its “cards” and could be brought to the negotiation table, Assad said.

“Our challenge is how we can close this gap between their plans and our plans,” he added.

He said it’s the duty of the army to liberate all of Syria because “this is our land, it’s our right and our duty to liberate it and the Americans should leave somehow they are going to leave”.

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