Want To Try Your Hand In Soccer Betting? Here Are Some Beginner Tips


Soccer has been the heart and soul of people all over the world. There is a strange elixir of joy in playing or watching soccer, isn’t it? The huge fan base of this game made this sport so very popular, that now we get to see a soccer aspirant in every household. It  feels really nice to be a part of that world. Quite naturally, soccer betting became very popular as well. It gained a huge impetus ever since its inception. However, many soccer buffs find themselves in an impasse when it comes to betting. That is because the world of betting is slightly different from the soccer world. Some amount of novice knowledge is needed before starting off. We would be venturing through some of those points in this article. 


What doesn’t work in betting is the herd culture. Betting requires the person to completely submerge their mental faculties into the game and that amount of dedication is really hard to produce if one doesn’t like the game enough. There are thousands of people who consider football to be larger than life, whose life idols are from the football world. However, it is not necessary for a person to be an expert of the game or to love it unconditionally. But the basic understanding of the game, knowing how it works helps in choosing our path easily. When in doubt, assessment of the pros and cons is always there for a person’s rescue. 



Football betting has a market share of 70% amongst all other sports. Knowing the multitudes of sports that exist, it is easy to infer the huge popularity of football. People love it a lot and that makes them very good consumers of this betting industry. This huge representation makes another point. That is, betting on football is almost always profitable. Apart from that, presence of a large range of quality betting sites, different betting opportunities, humongous amount of data which is available, a large variety of wagers, comprehensive covering of the sport, makes football betting all the more advantageous. 


The disadvantages associated with the game are as follows:

  1. The failure rate of this sport is much higher compared to others. 
  2. The outcomes of the sport makes the situation very confusing. It is a really difficult work to find out the odds if there is a tie. 
  3. The bookies pay a lot of attention to football betting, they wager on the sport in such a manner that odds and lines are maintained very stringently. It becomes very tricky at times, and mostly very difficult to win because bookmakers cover up those probabilities.


Surely, the cons are important enough to think about, but the pros make it a very interesting and profitable space to be in. But we should remember these cons while wagering.


After the decision making is over, and if one finds oneself in the aisle of soccer betting still, it becomes vital to understand the basics of betting in that case.

The basics are as follows:

  1. Soccer odds: Odds are the likelihood of a person to win the bet. The only way to be taken seriously and not be fooled is to know the odds of the bet before beginning. Odds help a lot in calculating and that makes us all the more aware of our stance. The different types of odds are decimal odds, fractional odds, american odds etc. 
  2. Setting goals is vital: Betting is a multifaceted activity. A lot can be taken from it depending on one’s intention. One can play just for the sake of it, while others want to profit out of it. On the basis of that, a strategy has to be set up and then betting should start. 
  3. Where do you want to bet?: There can be multiple places to wager on. The decision of where a player wants to place his bet is crucial for them to devise a plan. It is almost like a deal breaker. One should be careful of that. The best part of online betting is the choices we get as a bettor, but that plurality of choice doesn’t dilute its importance. It is advisable for a beginner to compare Indian betting sites at BetIndia before beginning. 


Strategizing differentiates betting from gambling. A set strategy gives us a much more complete approach towards our end goal and has a logical data-based calculation. This increases the chances of winning to a very great extent. Even the best of them all agree that it is rather foolish to place a bet without having any solid plan. That just means juggling with one’s luck and that never fares well.


Few betting methods are football matched bets, football price boosts, accumulator offers, refund offers, Betfair football trading system. 

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