Voting is equal to devotion,cast your vote and increase polling percentage : CP

Hyderabad, Nov 10 (Munsif News): The Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad city, Anjani Kumar has appealed people to exercise their franchise without fear in the coming Assembly elections on December 7 He said that in the 19 Assembly segments in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas the total population is over 86 lakhs and they should come out on the voting day and participate in the polling so that cent per cent polling is achieved.

He said that the voters need not be feared because of criminals who tries to stop the voters coming out, he said all the criminals has been bounded over, either they are in jail or under strict vigil. He said, anybody who makes any disturbances during polling, the police will reach on the spot within 5 minutes, he said for the free and fair polling , about 22 thousand police force will be deputed and in every polling station CC cameras will be fixed from which the culprits can be identified easily. .

Speaking at the meeting conducted by the Telangana Urdu Working Journalist Federation, here today, the Police Commissioner also removed the fear that some untowards incidents may take place in Old City of Hyderabad because of Black Day is falling on December 6 and the next day is polling day which is falling on Friday, he said that there is fear among the people who are sitting here, and the people have more confidence on the police, he also explained that Friday is being devotion day, and voting is also devotion to the democracy, he said that he do not see any objection. He also disagreed that there is more crime rate in Old City of Hyderabad, He said the rate of crime which is in Jubilee Hills is the same in old city.

He said, that inspite of having such a huge population of nearly one crore in Hyderabad city, the crime rate is less comparing to other cities which has the same population, he strongly said, that Hyderabad is the most peaceful city than other cities, no doubt, the crimes are happenning but are less. He said, that he agrees that traffic problem is there, because of increase in motor vehicles, every day in Hyderabad city 800 new 4 wheelers vehicles comes on the road.


The Police Commissioner said that media and elections are the two pillars of democracy, they have freedom of press which should be utilised for the betterment of society, he said, that the media can focus on untowards incidents, but while presenting the news, they should present in responsible manner. Citing the example of United State of America were 9/11 incident took place and within one hour 4000 people died, but there no media has shown the photos of dead bodies, for which there was no government order, but the media there on their own has not shown it, because it will have bad effect on the people particularly the children. In the same manner, here also media should take responsibility in similar manner, he said. (Munsif News)

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