Zonal System Transfer for Employees by Dec End in Telangana: CS

Zonal System Transfer for Employees by Dec End in Telangana: CS

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Hyderabad: Telangana Government today decided to begin the process of employees transfer as per new zonal system with options by this month end. Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has held discussions with secretaries, heads of departments and a team of employees association at state level.

The meeting decided to offer options to the staff for transfer as per seniority, allocation to districts as per new zonal system.

The government agreed to give options as per new zonal system approved by the Centre. The employees and the working couple can opt to shift to the place they wished to.

The government gave instructions to the state and district level officials to complete the process of the zonal system of transfers and give options to the employees.

The Government instructed for the division and transfer of the employees as per the new zonal system. It appointed an IAS official for each district to complete the process of transfers.

TNGOs president and others who attended the meeting said that the CS agreed to their demands. The process of district cadre and zonal level will begin soon and the IAS officials to address related issues for smooth transfer.

The demands include transferring the wife and husband to work at one place, shift to any working place in zones, cities, their own districts and multiple zones. The employees and couple can take any option to work at the same place.

The government allowed the staff to get options to work in zones, multiple zones, cities, their own districts, towns and mandal level. The Government has issued a GO 317 on Monday to implement the new zonal system to give transfers and options. The GO paves way for multiple options for the employees to discharge duties in this regard.

Since the election code is on in the state the government instructed the officials to begin the process of transfers where the code is not effective. Thus the employees in Telangana state can take options for transfers and shift to the places they wish to work at.

The Chief Secretary discussed various issues pertaining to the transfer, good governance, improved services and the schemes of welfare and development continue to reach the people. The transfers of the employees should not come in the welfare schemes the government feels, according to information.