Who Wins Huzurabad By-Elections?

Who Wins Huzurabad By-Elections?

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Hyderabad: The by-election of the Huzurabad Assembly Constituency is over and 86.64 per cent votes were polled which has created a record as such a huge turnout in the previous by-elections was not seen. The people of Huzurabad have to be congratulated for participating in the election so heavily. 

In some villages, the turnout was over 90 per cent. On the other hand, in the wake of the release of the results on November 2, the candidates in the ring and the in-charges of the parties have started analyzing the manner in which the elections were conducted.

The by-election polling in Huzurabad has become a topic of discussion, after the polling on October 30, the EVMs reached the strongrooms (SRR College, Karimnagar) where the counting will take place on November 2. The Election Commission has set up 14 tables which means one round of counting. The final result will come out in the 23rd round of counting.   

After the resignation of Eatala Rajender to the Huzurabad Assembly seat, the politics in the state changed rapidly. Whatever happened there, the headline in the media aroused the interest of the local voters as well as the people of Telugu state day by day. The turnout was as high as expected throughout the polling day.

In Huzurabad mandal the polling recorded 85.66 per cent, Veenavanka 88.66 per cent, Jammikunta 83.66 per cent, Illandakunta 90.73 per cent and kamalapur 87.57 per cent. The percentage of men voted is 87.05 while 86.25 per cent women voted.

The overall turnout of 86.64 per cent came as a surprise to officials and politicians. It is noteworthy that 2,05,236 people exercised their right to vote out of a total of 2,36,873 in the constituency.

A total of 30 candidates are in the fray. The rest of the independents were unable to make a big impact.  Especially between the TRS-BJP, there was a lot of propaganda and voting on the level of “Nuvva-nena”. With this the silent votes are now being hotly debated, it has become a million dollar question as to who they are. The leaders of both the TRS and BJP claimed that the silent vote will benefit them.

During the elections, there was the allegation of changing the EVMs from the bus carrying the election material. However, the officials has clarified that the bus with EVMs belonging to 160, 161 and 162 polling booths of Jammikunta Mandal, Koratapally and Venkateswarapalli coming to Karimnagar after polling on Saturday night had a tire puncture at Jammikunta flyover bridge. 

In the bus BSF police and polling staff was there, EVMs were not taken down from the bus. The election official said that while the election official was removing the non-functioning VVPAT from the car, some videos and photos were taken and posted on social media as if they were changing EVMs and went viral.  A comprehensive report has been sent to the Election Commission including CC footage.