Whenever Elections held BJP Raises Hindu-Muslim, India-Pakistan and Comes to Power: KCR

Whenever Elections held BJP Raises Hindu-Muslim, India-Pakistan and Comes to Power: KCR

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Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao alleged that whenever the elections come in the country, the BJP raised the communal hatred by saying Hindu/Muslim, Pakistan.

He said that such hatred issues will not bring to power to BJP in the coming elections as people have realized the tactics of the BJP and added that TRS will take the lead in solving the problems of the farmers in the country by joining with the struggle being done by the north Indian farmers.

In his concluding speech of Mahadharna, the Chief Minister has compared the hunger index of India with Pakistan and added that India is much below to Pakistan in the hunger index inspite of having 40 crore acres of agricultural land producing gold in the field. 

He accused the BJP government of failing in its duties. He said if the farmers’ issues were not solved, time is very near for the defeat of BJP in the coming elections in the country. He said, I am only questioning you (Central Government) whether you will buy the paddy or not” tell straight, if you do not want to buy, we will make alternate by speaking with the farmers.

Similarly in the case of power sector, in the country power is being utilized by not more than 2 lakh MW of power, while the country is having the capacity to produce 4 lakh MW of power. He claimed that only after he came to power, the problem has been solved in the state.

He said that his government is providing free powers to farmers, implementing successfully Rythu Bandhu, Rythy Bhima, providing water from the Irrigation projects etc. He said the farmers of the state are working hard and producing the food grains. 

He said, we are not afraid of anybody, we will teach the BJP leaders if they create disturbances at the procurement centers, he added.