TSRTC Plans to induct more than 300 Electric Buses

TSRTC Plans to induct more than 300 Electric Buses

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Hyderabad: Keeping in view that the Central government has sanction 324 AC buses to Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) at the end of last year ‘Fame-2’ (Foster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle) Scheme, the scheme was supposed to implement till 2024.

In this context, a high level meeting which was held recently, chaired by Managing Director (TSRTC) V C Sajjanar has decided to send a proposal to the State government seeking non AC buses. 

In the proposal, the TSRTC management has explained that the average occupancy ratio of AC buses is more even 40, bus fares are high and people are not so supportive, there is a huge demand for the same super luxury, express buses, with this, the TSRTC hopes to divert non-AC electric buses to the districts.

Presently, there are 40 AC electric buses plying to the airport from different parts of the city causing huge losses, on an average, they are losing more than Rs. 80 lakh per month, citing the example in the month of April, it generated revenue of Rs. 90 lakh and spent Rs. 1.75 crore, with this it suffered a loss of Rs. 85 lakh. 

These buses did not turn much during the months of May and June due to Covid restrictions. Again in August, the revenue was Rs. 1 crore and the expenditure was Rs. 1.30 crore. Likewise the expenditure is increasing every month.

According to the officials, the Central government is trying hard to increase the use of electric buses across the country and offering subsidy of Rs. one crore on each bus, the price of each electric bus is Rs. 3 crore.

Similarly the Central government is also offering a subsidy of around Rs. one crore per bus to encourage private companies as well, 40 AC buses have been sanctioned to Telangana RTC in the same manner under Fame-1, they are being deployed to the airport from different parts of the city. 

However, the TSRTC is facing huge losses due to this, hence the TSRTC decided not to buy any more AC buses, but yes to hybrid and electric vehicles.