Omicron fear: People Voluntarily Queuing up for Vaccine

Omicron fear: People Voluntarily Queuing up for Vaccine

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Hyderabad: The new Covid variant “Omicron” has created fear among the people, particularly those who have not taken a single dose of vaccine. Suddenly there is a rush and people are voluntarily queuing up before the health centres. There has been a spike in the number of vaccines administered to the people in the last three days.

It may be recalled that after the first and second wave of Coronavirus, people have started taking it easy on observing Corona protocols showing negligence in wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

The news of an outbreak of a new variant has put the people in an alert mood. However, the people are not insisting for any particular vaccine such as Covishield or Covaxin, they are simply going for which is available.

The Medical and Health department have fixed a target to complete 100 per cent vaccination by this month end, they are reaching out to people door-to-door, they have achieved 96 per cent first dose coverage in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation limit. 

The Medical and Health authorities has put the total number of people eligible for vaccination in Hyderabad at 10,69,576. The first dose was administered to 10,21,189 people and the second dose to 5,70,303. However, the drive picked up as the Omicron news percolated deep into the society.

There is also an increase in the number of people coming up for tests in the wake of the Omicron threat.  The Medical and Health authorities have informed that in Hyderabad 95 percent vaccination of first dose is completed and striving to complete 100 per cent vaccination for first dose by the end of this month. Mobile teams are conducting door-to-door tests and vaccination.