Normalcy can be restored from Covid in Telangana in Next 4 Months: Mohan Rao

Normalcy can be restored from Covid in Telangana in Next 4 Months: Mohan Rao

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Hyderabad: The Chairman of Scientific Advisory Committee, Telangana Academy of Sciences and former Director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao said that there are clear indications that the Coronavirus pandemic is slowing down and normalcy in all walks of life could be restored in the coming four months, as the intensity of the Delta variant reduces, the pandemic is very likely to reach a non threatening epidemic stage like any other diseases across the country.

Even if there is a new variant of SARS-CoV, taking precautions, getting vaccinated in large numbers and taking vaccine booster doses in case they are available will help in controlling any new surge. 

Distinguished senior scientists in Hyderabad believe that the present scenario of the pandemic is good, as daily Covid-19 infections are dropping steadily in Telangana. Even in States like Maharashtra, Kerala and West Bengal, which reported higher number of Covid infections, the numbers are relatively come down.

Former director of CCMB and biologist Dr. R. K. Mishra feels that the next few months could turn out to be decisive. “The next three months are definitely going to be critical as the Covid vaccination is under way at a good pace.

A considerable section, especially in urban areas like Hyderabad has acquired natural immunity. All these are good indications and if people take a little bit of precautions, we will be out from this pandemic.

Dr. Mishra urged people to get administered with Covid vaccine at the earliest and stress the need that we should focus on vaccinating as many individuals as possible as it definitely provide protection from the SARS-CoV, he said.