No War; fall of KCR Started: Eatala Rajender

No War; fall of KCR Started: Eatala Rajender

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Hyderabad: Reacting on the Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao stating that the TRS war with the BJP will start from today’s Mahadharna held at Dharna Chowk, the Huzurabad MLA and former minister Etala Rajender said it is “No War but fall of Chandrasekhar Rao and his family has started.

Speaking to press persons at BJP State office, today, Eatala Rajender said if the tears are coming in the eyes of farmers, it is because of the State government neglected its responsibility and watering down the problems being faced by the farmers. 

He said that the Chief Minister has made the entire state in disarray because of its ill considered policies.  He criticized KCR for acting arrogantly that he knew everything.

Eatala alleged that the state government is not being procuring the paddy from the farmers since last 40 days and the farmers expressing their concern that the grain was changing color due to delay in purchase and the seedlings were getting wet due to rains. He said that KCR is fully responsible for bringing this situation of the farmers.

Eatala said that he knew that KCR is dealing with the arrogant attitude that I can do everything myself.  All the Telangana farmers are facing serious problem due to the KCR administration. KCR should take full responsibility for this. 

In the past also there were governments that negotiated and resolved issues with the opposition. The Chief Minister told in the Assembly that the Telangana government had bought rice grains that no other state in the country could buy, but, nowhere in the Assembly was it mentioned that the Center itself would buy the grain and co-operate. 

“Every nut I buy myself,” he said.  But, today, it is clear to the people that it is not KCR that is buying the paddy, it is clear that the Central government is paying for the grain, gunny bags, handling and lifting charges, IKP Center commission, rice mill charges and transport charges. He said that KCR does not work for the people except for its own glory.

He said that the Millers suggestions were taken by the Chief Minister nor the suggestions from the farmers association were taken into consideration, its failure is being tried to put on Center, KCR is not a farmer friendly, he is farmer hater.   

He pointed out that thousands of crores of rupees spent for the Huzurabad by-elections to divert the attention of the people, this expenditure could have been made on solving the farmers’ problems, he said.