Modi Govt Murdering Farmers, Should Procure Paddy: KCR

Modi Govt Murdering Farmers, Should Procure Paddy: KCR

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Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today came down heavily on the Centre for adopting anti framer and murder policies. After a Cabinet meeting the Chief Minister told a press conference that the Centre miserably failed to address farmers’ issues as about 750 farmers died at national level during protests.

The CM accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of suppressing the farmers and the states like Telangana which are trying on a growth path. Modi and the Centre are adopting anti farmers policies and killing the farmers through false means and trying to suppress to use power meters, he deplored.

Farm laws getting repealed as Modi said sorry keeping elections in UP and Punjab in mind, he fumed. Petrol, diesel and gas charges increased to burden the people, KCR said.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal should feel ashamed of telling lies and denying food stocks as the Global hunger index of India is 101, Pakistan 92, Bangladesh and Nepal has 76. This is our fate of the Centre taking steps to procure the paddy from the states.

The centre has to procure and store with more storage capacity, he said and asked the centre to give free rice distribution. KCR asked the Centre to take steps to ensure that the states facing poverty should get free rice. Our TRS MPs are storming the parliament for the paddy and other issues, he said.

The Centre is confusing the farmers as it is behaving like a kirana shop for benefits. KCR slammed the Centre led by BJP Government for anti farm laws and denying procuring paddy from Telangana state.

The CM flayed the BJP Led government for inept policies to take stocks of paddy from the state. It is the responsibility of the centre to procure paddy or food grains from the states and store them.

The CM slammed the Centre for rising fuel charges as the Modi regime took Rs 80 lakh cr loans and ignored the farmers and the poor.

They cannot run away from the responsibilities to get paddy or food grains from the states, KCR bemoaned. The Centre is terrifying the farmers as it failed to give MSP and refused to procure the paddy stocks from the state.

Union Minister from Telangana G Kishan Reddy should take steps to mount pressure on the centre to get boiled rice, paddy from our state if he has guts, he said. Telangana is cultivating paddy and gets boiled rice due to its temperature and facilities.

Only Telangana gives support to farmers like 24 hour power, Rythu Bandhu, cancelled water cess and no other states doing that, he claimed.