K’taka Govt Orders ‘Gopuja’ on Diwali at all Temples

K’taka Govt Orders ‘Gopuja’ on Diwali at all Temples

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Bengaluru: The Karnataka government has ordered to perform ‘Gopuja’ (worship of cow) at all temples that come under Muzrai department in Karnataka on the occasion of Deepavali (Dewali) festival on Tuesday.

The order directs to conduct worshipping of cows at temples on ‘Balipaadyami’ celebrated as the last leg of Deepavali between 5.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. which falls under the auspicious time of ‘Godhooli lagna’, according to Hindu calendar.

The order has been given with the objective of following the traditions of Hindu culture and according to godly status to cows. The order has been given by the department of Hindu Religious Institutions and Religious Endowment.

It is in the Hindu tradition that during Balipaadyami, people will get their cows bathed, embellished with vermillion, Haldi, flowers and offer them rice, jaggery in Karnataka and other parts of the country.

The order has been given with a view to carry forward the Sanatan Hindu religious tradition of worshipping cows.

The order states that once in a year during the time of Deepavali, all temples and religious institutions that come under the purview of the Muzrai department should compulsorily conduct the ceremony of worshipping of cows. It is just a decision in terms of carrying forward the Hindu tradition according to sacred texts.

The orders explain that, as per the above directions, during the festival of Deepavali every year, the temple authorities should get the cows bathed, embellish and revere them as per Hindu traditions and offer them bananas, jaggery and other dishes.