KCR achieved Telangana State 12 years ago on Dec 9: KTR

KCR achieved Telangana State 12 years ago on Dec 9: KTR

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Hyderabad: Telangana IT and Municipal Minister K T Rama Rao today stated that December 9 was the day when the TRS Supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao had achieved statehood for Telangana. It was the memorable day to be written in golden letters as the Centre announced a separate Telangana state 12 years ago, K T Rama Rao said.

The Minister on his Twitter handle stated that it was a great day as K Chandrasekhar Rao won the battle of statehood by trying to sacrifice his life.

He tweeted that KCR, now Chief Minister, had secured statehood after a prolonged hunger protest.

The Minister extended gratitude to Press Academy Chairman Allam Narayana for carrying out an article in a newspaper of the same. It was titled “a protest, a victory and a memory” as how the TRS boss fought a battle for statehood.

KCR took up the protest against the Centre during the UPA Government for statehood, with his famous slogan “either Telangana should be achieved or KCR will die”. He said that 12 years completed today as valor of the movement achieved statehood.

This slogan is synonymous for his protracted battle for about 14 years to get Telangana statehood.

Many thanks to Allam Narayana for bringing back many memories, KTR said on twitter. It was this day when the Centre announced to accord statehood to Telangana 12 years ago. He further said that on this day the fighting came to an end with a positive result.