Bandi Sanjay’s Wishful Thinking; He will be a Dictator CM of Telangana

Bandi Sanjay’s Wishful Thinking; He will be a Dictator CM of Telangana

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P.A. Rama Rao

Hyderabad: “The State BJP President Bandi Sanjay is dreaming that he will not only become the Chief Minister of the State but he will be a total dictator with extraordinary and extra-constitutional powers to do anything he wished – no Laws, no Courts, no Constitution and no Democracy”, observed  a TRS supporter who happens to be a student of Law.

He explained that it is evident beyond any reasonable doubt from the statements he has been making now-a-days. Only a few days ago, he publicly declared that the BJP is sure to come to power in the State and immediately, he would take over the farm house of the present Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, get it tilled with one lakh ploughs and distribute the land to the people. 

Again on Monday, Sanjay proclaimed that if the BJP came to power, he would take over the properties and lands of the Nizams of erstwhile Hyderabad State and distribute the same to the people. These statements were more than enough to prove that he thinks he will be a dictator and can do anything.

What is more strange is that the BJP leader thinks that the people will believe whatever he says as such they have no thinking power, they would not ponder over the possibility or otherwise the State Government usurping the farm house of KCR, the properties of the Nizam, or of any individual for that matter, there are Laws and Courts to deal with such matters;  and that they would vote for his party blindly.

He also pointed out that the wild promises being made by the State BJP leader are impracticable and it will take decades to achieve this, that too if it all the BJP comes to power. He pointed out in this context the promise made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about bringing back the black money stashed in foreign Banks within 100 days of coming to power and distributing Rs.15 lakhs to each individual.

He asked whether any single individual got the money during the past seven years. If lakhs of Crores of black money was brought back, where is the need for imposing alarmingly huge taxes on petrol, diesel, LPG and other commodities, putting unbearable burden on the common man, he questioned.

Another important question is in how many BJP ruled States such drastic actions was taken, the properties of landlords, big businessmen were taken over by the Government and distributed to the poor. Is there a single instance of this type in any of the BJP-ruled State or by the BJP government at the Centre during the past seven years?

On the contrary, big industrialists who have cheated the Banks of thousands of crores were allowed to flee the country and even after several years the Government was not able to bring them back to India.

Viewed from all these instances, one can easily conclude that the State BJP president’s utterances are only aimed at misleading the innocent people to garner their votes, but his attempts would not yield the results he dreams of, he added.

(P A Rama Rao is a Senior Journalist of Hyderabad)