TDP MP Jayadev raises doubts on CAA & NRC

Guntur, Jan.11 : TDP MP Galla Jayadev today said when the Union government introduced the Citizenship Amendment Bill in both Houses of Parliament, the Telugu Desam party had supported it as “We didn’t find any faults in the Bill then. In the CAA Bill, it was clearly mentioned that Pakistan, Afganistan and Bangladesh were once part of India. During the country’s partition, many Hindu families came to India from these countries and similarly many Muslims migrated to those countries.
Addressing mediapersons in TDP cntral office at Atmakur in Mangalagiri today, Jayadev said if the post-partition situation was examined, it makes clear that Hindu minorities in those countries came to India. As those countries followed the Islamic Constitution, the Hindus could not practice Hinduism freely and they used to migrate to India frequently. Therefore, Indian government had introduced Citizenship Amendment Bill to grant Indian Citizenship to the religious Hindu minorities as they faced severe political persecution in those countries. “We did not find any mistakes in the Bill”, he added.
“Later when the Union government brought out the NRC, we are coming to know about the danger posed to Muslim minorities in India. As of now NRC was introduced in the State of Assam and after studying the Assam NRC, we have found many issues like Time, Money and quality of the survey and not getting confidence over it. As the Centre was not able complete it in Assam, how can they do it across the country, we doubt. If CAA and NRC are done together there are chances of misusing the Acts.
According to the Act, a non-Muslim can get a fast track citizenship even if he/she fails in submitting proper evidence and documents. But it won’t work in the case of minority Muslims. Hence, the minority Muslims will be kept in the detention camps that have been already constructed. In 2008 during the Congress regime, a detention camp was set up in Assam. As the refugees from Bangladesh are in large numbers in Assam, three more centers were opened in in 2011.
The Union government was constructing Detention camps in Goa, Sondakoppa, 40 km from Bangalore in Karnataka, Nerul in Navi Mumbai in Maharastra, Govindaraj Sahib in Tarn Taran district in Punjab, in Alwar near Rajasthan Central Jail. But in the West Bengal and Kerala, those governments have stopped building these centers. Why these Detention camps like Concentration Camps are being constructed? Why because if any Muslim minority fails to submit documentary proof in getting citizenship, they will be kept in the detention camps. Hence, we are condemning this seriously on behalf Telugu Desam Party”, he argued.
“To know who is a Citizen of this country and who is not, the NRC should be conducted. But when this is misused, there is serious threat to minority Muslims in the country. Until and unless the minority Muslims were given confidence and there will be no threat to original inhabitants of the country by the Central government, we won’t support the move of the Central government”, he added. (NSS)

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