Talasani reviews ‘fish medicine distribution’ which is to be held on 8th and 9th of June at Exhibition grounds

Hyderabad, May 16 (Munsif News): Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries, Talasani Srinivas Yadav has instructed the officials for making arrangements for the distribution of Fish Medcine to the patients of Asthama , etc at Exhibition Ground, Hyderabad on June 8 and 9.

The Minister has held the meeting with the Hyderabad Collector Yogita Rana, GHMC Commissioner Dr. Janardhan Reddy and other senior officials from Hyderabad Metro Water Works and Sewerage Board, Roads and Building, Transport, Police, He said since 173 years Bathi Family is administering fish medicine to the patients, free of cost on the Mrigasira Day (Mirak Day) every year. To take this medicine, lakhs of patients from the Entire country and also from the foreign countries will be coming, for their convenience and facilities all the arrangements has to be made.

He said, last year, Fisheries department has provided 3 lakh fish linger (small size fish which is able to consume live along with the medicine) last year, he said as the visitors of patients increasing every year, there is need for increasing the quantity of fish lingers, similarly there is need for increasing of special buses by the TSRTC, supply of drinking water packets, arrangement has to be made for the organisation who are distributing food etc. to the patients and special counters at the Railway Stations, Bus Stations etc. has to be made for guiding the visitors, etc. (Munsif News) ,

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