Hyderabad, Nov 16 (Munsif News): The Chief Electoral Officer, Dr. Rajath Kumar has admitted that several complaints have been received from various parties that their opponents are seeking votes in the name of caste, religion, .using money power or using abusive language, this attracts criminal action, the complaints received and action taken by the Election Commission can be used as evidence, the complainant has to prove it in the Court of Law.

He said there are many instances in which the Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court had given the judgement in which the elected candidates was forced to resign from the seat, he made it clear that proving the allegation lies on the complainant and they can approach the Court within 45 days of the election process is over.

The complaint received so far, on that the Election Commission has taken the action and send the notices to about 12 candidates, he said the Election Commission has limited powers, it cannot give judgement on just receiving the complaint, it has to be proved in Court, he reiterated. However, he said in 50 per cent of the cases, cases are drop because of compromises, in the remaining 50 per cent of the cases, there are conviction to about 25 per cent, if the cases are contested strongly. He denied that that he is facing any time of political pressure, he said that he never faced such political pressure in his 30 years of career as an IAS officer.

Addressing at “Meet the Media” organised by Telangana Union of Working Journalist Federation at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, the Chief Electoral Officer has admitted that money power is playing the major role during Electioneering, but for buying votes the expenditure is negligible, all those who are giving votes is not taking money, some people are taking because of poverty, according to our knowledge some people are taking money from all the parties between Rs. 2 hundred to Rs. 5 hundred, but they will vote to the party or candidates, which they like. He said voting is secret, no one knows to whom they have voted, this has also been realized by the political leaders, to rectify this menace, it will take time. He said money power has no effect on Election, if the elections are won by money, they are many rich entrepreneurs who would have taken the advantage, Leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastry and Narendera Modi would have not occupied the highest posts of the country, only rich people would have occupied it.

On dynastic rule, the Chief Electoral Officer said that it is human nature, Film Actor son or daughter will become actor or actresses, but in the case of Politics, even the son or daughter of politician has to be elected by lakhs of people for becoming MLA or MP. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not come from political dynasty he said.

He said, transfer of power and conducting election is the challenging job and is historical, earlier, there used to be transfer of power was being done by nomination by the Kings, now it has been changed, now we are in the democracy, the transfer of power is to be done only through elections. He said, after the elections the elected representatives are shifting to loyalties to other parties because of power, on this the Chief Electoral Officer said that Anti Defection Law is there and ultimately, it is the people who has to decide on such candidates who are not sticking to their party, he said. (Munsif News)

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