Sale of Non-ISI Helmets is now a punishable offence

Hyderabad, Aug.16 : As per the recent notification issued by the Road Transport and Highway Ministry, manufacture, storage and sale of non-Indian standard (NON-ISI) Helmets for two wheelers will lead to arrest without warrant. While for the first offence, the penalty would be two years jail or fine of at least Rs two lakh, subsequent offences would attract higher fine. This will be applicable from next 60 days.

Commenting on this development, Rajeev Kapur, President, Two Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association and MD of Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird said “This move is highly appreciated by the government and this decision would act as a master stroke and help in doing away with sale, manufacture, storage and use of NON-ISI marked helmets.”

“As per the data, all over in India more than 1.50 Lacs people have died in road accidents. After this step of govt, millions of lives can be saved in coming years.” added Kapur.

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