Congress seniors hug Revanth Reddy on Assembly premises

Revanth Threatens to file Defamation suit against some media houses; Demands Apology

Hyderabad, Oct.6 : TPCC working president A Revanth Reddy demanded caretaker chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who was stating that Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu gave Rs.500 crore to Congress party as part of alliance, to tell as to how many crores he took when he had an alliance with TDP in the past.
Speaking to the media today, he said that the news published and telecast by some media houses during IT raids on his house were defamatory in nature and revealed that the IT officials questioned him on the same when he attended before the IT officials on Wednesday. He warned that he will file a defamation case against the media houses which spread false news stating that he had accounts in foreign countries, in case they failed to tender apologies within 24 hours.
Revanth Reddy alleged that KCR was behaving like a monkey which drank toddy, and then bitten by the scorpion, since the abolition of the Assembly. He ridiculed KCR stating that the latter had achieved separate Telangana state by going to Yamadharma Raju and playing ‘golies’ there and coming back. He reminded that the TRS government has withdrawn 1150 cases out of 3152 cases filed against the protagonists of Telangana movement in between 2009 and 2014. Stating that the government could lift all cases with single resolution in the Assembly, he said that KCR only withdrew cases he wished. He said that TRS student leader Munnuru Ravi faced six months jail imprisonment. He asked the central government to answer as to why it had withdrawn cases against KCR family and not withdrawn cases against protagonists of Telangana. He pointed out that students were not getting jobs due to the cases though they were eligible for the jobs and getting ranks in the concerned competitive examinations. He ridiculed saying that golden Telangana was confined to only KCR family.
He said that KCR became a central minister, chief minister and launched channel, newspaper and earned crores of assets only after launching separate Telangana movement. In the same manner, T Harish Rao and KT Ramarao became ministers and daughter K Kavitha became MP and his co-brother’s son became as Rajya Sabha member. He said that KCR was giving an impression that the elections were between KCR and Chandrababu and KCR provoking the sentiment once again instead of telling that the separate Telangana state was accorded by the Congress party. Informing that Chandrababu and Lokesh didn’t have votes in Telangana state, Revanth Reddy made it clear that Chandrababu and his son will not contest in Telangana state but TDP contests here at any cost. He alleged that KCR was speaking by stooping down to very low level afraid of Congress party, forgetting the fact that he was in chief minister position. He said that he will expose KCR’s bad intention of coming to power again doing anything.
Revanth asked KCR to do anything to him if he wanted in regard to ‘vote for note’ case and said that KCR has to cross him if he wanted to do anything to Chandrababu. Finding fault with KCR’s criticism using Andhra word, Revanth Reddy asked him to tell whether he didn’t know the fact of giving tickets to Kammas and making them sit beside him.

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