Hyderabad, Oct.4 : The Rachakonda Cyber Crime Police today sent one pseudo astrologer Akash Bhargav alias Astrologer Akash Sharma, 19, of New Joginder Nagar, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar, Punjab to judicial remand, who was arrested at Jalandhar, Punjab for cheating a person to a tune of Rs 13 lakh under the pretext of performing special poojas for betterment of the victim’s present condition.
Police said on August 21 at 2.30 pm one V. Janaki of Ramanthapur complained that her elder son, aged 40, was facing some unpleasant issues both in his office and family life, which led to depression and it continued for the past few years and at present it reached to peak stage when he lost his software job. To come out from this depression and from bad days, her son started searching many ways for betterment and welfare of the family and his personal development.
On a distressful day, he happened to visit a website www.specialistastrologer.com and contacted Akash Sharma and informed him about his depression and marriage life. Then the astrologer, with intention to cash on her son’s situation started his evil games. First he asked her son to pay initial amount of Rs 2,000 to perform a puja for his wellness.
Following his instructions, her son slowly went into his spell and paid a huge sum of Rs 12,97,000 all together on different dates into different bank accounts. Even after extorting around Rs 13 lakh, he was still pressuring her son to send more amounts for performing special pujas on his name and thus cheated him. On the complaint, a case was registered 43/2018 U/s 419,420; 66C & 66D Information Technology Act and took up investigation.
Based on the investigation and technical evidence collected, the Cyber Crime Police identified the accused as Akash Bhargav @ Astrologer Akash, residing at Jalandhar, Punjab. A team of Cyber Crime Police led by J. Narender Goud, Inspector of Police, apprehended the accused from his residence at Jalandhar, Punjab. On interrogation, the accused admitted his guilt. The IO recorded his confession and seized three mobile phones used in the commission of offence and he was produced before the local court and brought him under transit warrant.
The accused is native of Jhunjhnu, Rajasthan and residing at Jalandhar with his family. His father Raju Bhargav was a small time town astrologer and the accused was a dropout from 8th class, but having good knowledge of Internet, he used to watch YOUTUBE videos continuously and always used to be engaged with Laptop and Mobile phones and developed good command over Internet. As his father is a petty astrologer, he got an Idea of making easy money by cheating people through online. He met with one web designer at Amritsar and created one website www.specialistastrolger.com in the name of Astrologer Sharma (Mobile No.9779221365) and started luring the innocent people.
Whenever any victim contacts him through email or phone, he used to send messages through Whatsapp and after knowing their problems, he used to assure them that he is going to perform Pujas for their wellness for which he used to charge heavily giving his father’s account number. After tasting the evil pleasure, he went to the extent of designing/created a total of eight such different websites. Surprisingly, he even created an astrology website for Muslim community also. They are: www.specialistastrology.com in the name Astrologer Akash Sharma Mobile No.9779221365; www.astrologershiv.com in the name of Astrologer Shiv Shastriji with Mobile No.9815235027, www.fastlovemarriagespecialist.com in the name of Astrologer AnkushSastri with Mobile No.9878696702, www.punjabastrologer.com in the name of Astrologer Dev Sharma with Mobile No.9815235027, www.astroakash.com in the name of Astrologer Akash Sharma with Mobile No.9779221365, www.rohanidna.com in the name of Hazarath Muhammad Ali with Mobile No.9779086755, www.yaallahdua.com in the name of rahmatsaab with Mobile No. 9872572258, www.duaamalforlove.com in the name of Hazarath Muhammad Ali with Mobile No.9779086755 and with email ID: hazarathmuhammadali786@gmail.com

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