Hyderabad, Mar 23 (Munsif News): The Deputy Chief Minister (Revenue) Mohd Mahmood Ali has clarified that proposed issuance of land pattas on.
the land belonging to Wakf will be issued in the name of the Wakf Board

The Deputy Chief Minister has given the clarification on the complaint made that the Patta Pass Book on the agriculture land belonging to Wakf Board and Endowment are being given in the name of the tillers who are undertaking agriculture activities and in some pass books, the name is appearing in the owners column is appearing of the original donors who has donated the land to the Wakf Board, he said that the government has taken all the precautions in identifying the Wakf Board and Endowment lands.

as far as the Wakf Board Lands are concerned, for the first time over 45,000 acres of wakf land has come into record in the recent survey, this is without any litigation cleaning of record pertaining to Wakf Board lands is over 95 per cent, on the remaining land disputes, steps has been taken to settle it, as some of the cases are pending in the Courts throughout the state.

Answering to Dr. Laxman of BJP, with regard to demands of lakhs of rupees is being made by the government in the name of regularisation under G.O. 19 from the poor families and those who are living since decades and not commuted the property which has come from the forefathers. The Deputy Chief Minister said, that clear instructions has been given to the Collectors not to harass the poor families living small portion of the lands and also given the direction to regularise their properties. He instructed Dr. Laxman that if he has any such complaint of harassment to the poor families in Hyderabad city, the Deputy Chief Minister has asked him to bring to his notice and he assured that he will settle the matter. He further said that the government has also given the permission for regularising the “Sada Benami documents” and issue patta Pass Book. He said, that lot of people in the city has “Sada Benami agreements” and they have constructed buildings etc. when they are poor, how can they give lakhs of rupees for regularisation of properties, he said.

He said that purification of land records has been successfully completed in the State, this is because of the efforts made by the staff of the Revenue department, because of it only the Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has a gift of one month basic pay as incentive to Revenue Staff who worked hard for its successful completion with this 35,172 employees has been benefitted the burden on exchaquer is Rs. 72 crores.

He said 93 per cent of the land is free from all litigations as per the recent agriculture land survey in the state, he said 72,12,111 farmers will get new Patta Pass Books which will have 17 Security features in it and it will be distributed in the month of April/May, 2018. (Munsif News)

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