Hyderabad, Sept 18 (Munsif News) Chief Electoral Officer, Dr. Rajath Kumar said that the process is going on to find out the reasons of deleting voters name in large scale, and expressed confidence that it will be rectified within the schedule, as they are working as per the schedule given by the Election Commission of India.

He expressed surprise, how there is deletion of 22 lakh voters in the state, in the year 2014 general elections, there were about 2.83 crores voters were there in the list, now it has come down to 2.61 crores.

Interacting with the media persons, the Chief Electoral Officer said that the work on special summary revision of electoral roll is going in all the booths in the state, the Booth level officers are available in all the polling stations, so far there is no complaint on booth level officers, he said, he said that he too is monitoring the process.

However, he said that the complaint has come to the Election Commission of India that there is deletion of 70 lakh voters in the state, but he said that he cannot give the exact figure, but the fact is there there is deletion in large scale.

On the duplication of votes, he said that the Election Commislsion is having special software to identify the duplication of voters, more over they have proceedure to identify it by visiting the officials personally to the houses were the deletion of voter has taken place. He said that the Election Commission is going as per the proceedure laid down by the Election Commission on the deletion and inclusion of voters. Instructions has been issued to the Collectors to enroll all those who comes to Polling Booth for registration. (Munsif News)

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