Police complaint against Kanimozi for temple remarks

Hyderabad, Jan 12 : A police complaint was filed here on Friday against DMK MP Kanimozhi for her alleged remarks against the famed Hindu temple at Tirupati.

Karuna Sagar, a lawyer, filed a complaint with Saeedabad police station, stating that her remarks had hurt his religious feelings. He sought action against the DMK leader.

At a World Atheist Conference organised by the Dravidar Kazhagam in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, Kanimozhi had said that at the Tirupati temple the god was only for rich people.

She allegedly remarked that one can pay more money to buy a ticket and get special ‘darshan’ while others have to wait for hours and even days.

Kanimozi also demanded to know why there was an armed security guard to protect the money collection box kept right in front of the god.

The complainant argued that since Kanimozhi was an atheist, she had no right to question the temple system.

Police said they would take legal opinion before proceeding on the complaint.

One thought on “Police complaint against Kanimozi for temple remarks

  1. tirupathi :- its totally for vip,vvips ,protocols,business class,celebs, rich rather than a pilgimmage place now a days.the security guards even involve in cottage to seva business , totally free for all – corruption

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