Mohan Bhagwat calls for unity to foil the enemy’s designs

Hyderabad, Sep 13 : Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday stressed the need for unity, saying the country needs to be united and alert to defeat the designs of the enemies.

Stating that some forces are trying to create myths and making people fight with each other, he said there is need to be alert to foil their attempts.

Addressing the Ganesh immersion procession at Moazzam Jahi Market here, he said people should take inspiration from the Ganesh utsav to unite to defeat forces inimical to the nation.

He said that Lord Ganesh symbolises power and devotion to the mother. “People have to understand that the objective of devotion to mother is devotion to Mother India. Ganesh utsav is the festival of Mother India,” he said.

Bhagwat said one should not lose conscious in enthusiasm and should use power with wisdom. “Power is of no use without wisdom,” he said pointing out that wisdom was one of the qualities of Lord Ganesh. He said worshipping Lord Ganesh is aimed at inculcating those qualities.

He said in Indian culture power was never used to harm anyone but “use of power is inevitable to deal with those troubling you”.

He said power, wisdom and devotion to motherland were required for the country to emerge united and stronger.

The RSS chief said that it is only in Hyderabad that such enthusiasm is seen during Ganesh utsav.

Earlier, he visited Bhagyalaxmi temple at the historic Charminar and offered prayers.


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