Minorities Commission’s chief visits Urdu Academy

Hyderabad, Feb.25 : Telangana State Minorities Commission Chairman Mohammed Qamaruddin today visited Urdu Academy, Telangana State and Minorities Finance Corporation, and met with Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Director Urdu Academy & M.A. Waheed, IFS, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director Minorities Finance Corporation
Prof. S.A. Shukoor provided details of the Budget to Mahammed Qamaruddin and stated that the total budget of the Urdu Academy is Rs 40 crore, out of which Rs 20 crore was earmarked for the uplift of Urdu language, Rs 8 crore for the uplift of Shadi Khanas and the remaining Rs 12 crore for the Finance Department.
M.A. Waheed, IFS, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Minorities Finance Corporation, also explained about the details of budget and the schemes under the Department. He also said one scheme Community production centre, which was designed to train women in the filed of tailoring and also they are providing Tailoring Machines and other machines to the women worth Rs 20 lakh for their uplift.
Since last year 8 centres were organized and they are working so far more than 400 women were trained in the above centres. These centres allotted to the organizations which are under the welfare service of the people. So far, 38 centres are organized in the State and more than 11 centres have been provided with computers. One more scheme is yet to be finalized for the issuance of 66 cars to the drivers on subsidy.


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