Hyderabad, Sept.8 : In just a couple of days after Assembly dissolution, Telangana experiences significant political heat as the warring parties indulge in verbal duel. Heated exchange of words are continuing unabated among politicos while the parties likely to see defections.

TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy and caretaker minister KT Rama Rao resorted to verbal attack at each other. The TPCC chief in his jibe said when he was in politics KTR might be washing dishes in the US.

This caustic remark annoyed KTR, who in a swift manner, strongly retorted. He said he did not loot public money like Uttam and burnt the same in his car which was known to public. Without mincing words, KTR also continued onslaught on AICC president Rahul Gandhi terming him as “Pappu” and said while Rahul was dependent on his parents, he (KTR) led a decent life in the US by doing a job. He also said he might have washed dishes in his home in the US as any other NRI does. KTR said “I am proud that I have worked and earned a decent living on my own unlike your Pappu (Rahul Gandhi).

KTR further said, “I did not loot people’s money like you and even former US President Barak Obama might have washed dishes in his house which was not wrong”. KTR also took serious exception on twitter against Uttam saying that everybody knows that crores of people’s money in bundles was seen half burnt in his car during the last elections and uploaded the photograph getting viral on the websites .


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