Hyderabad, Sept 15 (Munsif News) : Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has launched the Veterinary Mobile Clinic Vans by flagging off the vehicles, which will provide medical treatment to the Sheep rearing units in the state by just dialling No. 1962 within minutes it will reach the spot and give treatment to the sheeps.

Inaugurating this vans, the Chief Minister said, that government which has taken up the massive flag ship programme of sheep rearing in the State to increase the productivity of meat and to exports the same and also for improving the rural economy, the Chief Minister that in the previous regime it was neglected by the rulers, though the State is having 30 lakhs population of shepherds, the state was getting the 650 lorries of animals daily for the state consumption and also 800 lakh litres was milk was coming from the bordering states.

The Chief Minister said with the implmentation of distribution of sheep rearing units in the rural areas, so far 7.60 lakhs shepherds has enrolled in the scheme who are demanding for the sheep rearing units, all will get these units, so far 4 lakhs units has been distributed, within this the entire economy in the rural areas will change, the State will become meat exporting state in the country.

Similarly, the government has also taken up fisheries programme under this scheme, this year 70 crores fish lingering is being distributed, already 20 lakh distributed, with the success of Mission Kakatiya, the fishing sector will get boost and soon the state become the fish exporters.

The Chief Minister said, that the government is giving priority for the agriculture and allied activities to improve the rural economy, as the government plans to give Rs. 8000 per acre for two crop in a year to the farmers for agriculture inputs, the farmers will work hard and improve the agriculture productvity thus helping the country in solving the food security problem. he said.

Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development Talasani srinivas Yadav, Deputy Chief Minister Mohd. Mahmood Ali, Council Chairman Swamy Goud, and others were present. (Munsif News) . .

By: Balramsingh (Munsif)

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