KCR Front will sweep 2019 LS elections: Former Chattisgarh CM

Hyderabad, March.26 : Former chief minister of Chattisgarh Ajit Jogi today predicted that Federal Front proposed by Telangana Chief Minister and TRS Supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao will sweep the general elections at national level in 2019 elections.

Ajit Jogi alleged that the BJP-led NDA at the Centre has been adopting suppressive tactics against the States whose requirements are different and the main Opposition Congress was not able to take on the mantle now, he felt. Since the national politics are not fulfilling the aspirations of the States, the regional parties are compelled to unite and join a platform proposed by KCR. Jogi, who was here at a program, was interacting with mediapersons on Sunday.

Ajit Jogi who sees bright future for an alternative at national politics for a qualitative change expressed hope that the Federal Front of KCR will make itself to the national level and sweep the elections. It will hold parleys with other leaders soon to chalk out future plan and agenda he said. Jogi has maintained that it is time for the Federal Front to usher in a new era of development and welfare of the people as the Chief Minister of Telangana has clear vision and commitment. The States which have been unhappy with the Centre will sure join hands with the new front. During a telephonic conversation KCR revealed his plan to hold talks with national level parties and come out with a agenda and action plan for a possible third front to take on the BJP and the Congress, Ajig Jogi said.

The BJP at the Centre has totally failed to cater to the aspirations of the States and suppressing them from enjoying their rights enshrined in the Constitution, he said. Jogi also cited that the TRS supremo has recently closeted with his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Benerjee and spoken to leaders of Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and other like-minded States for forming a front against both the BJP and the Congress.

Jogi further said the States are not ready to accept the “elder brother” role of the Centre fearing for losing supremacy if the aspirations of the States are fulfilled. Demanding delegation of power to the States for quota and MSP for farm produce through Constitutional amendments, Jogi also hinted at the debacle of the BJP in the forthcoming elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Since it already bit the dust in the recently bye-elections in Uttar Pradesh, the people will dethrone the BJP Government, Jogi asserted.

The main Opposition Congress has miserably failed to play its role at national level and there was a strong need for the new front to be led by KCR, he said. In Chattisgarh, his Janata Congress will come to power as there was no law and order and fake encounters were continuing unabated, he said.

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