Impossible to build multipolar world without India: UN Chief

New Delhi [India], Oct 1 : United Nations Chief Antonia Guterres on Monday said that it is impossible to build a multipolar world without a relevant contribution from India. Speaking at the inauguration of the UN House here, he said, “India is becoming a fundamental pillar of multilateralism. And at the same time, as we want a multi-polar world, it is impossible to build a multi-polar world without a very relevant role of India. The success of India is largely a success for us all.” “I want the UN to be united and to be able to work here to fully support India’s government development plans, to fully support India’s leadership in relations to climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals and so many other aspects in which today India is showing a leadership role in our planet,” he added. The UN Chief’s visit coincides with the commencement of events marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. During his visit, Guterres will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other leaders and is likely to discuss key global issues such as climate change and terrorism. Ahead of his visit, the UN chief said that India is an important partner of the UN in countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism. (ANI)

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