IGBC awards Gold Rating to Hyderabad Bhavan

Hyderabad, March.30 : The Hyderabad Bhavan office building, Hyderabad Division of South Central Railway has been awarded the prestigious IGBC – Green Existing Building Gold Rating by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

The IGBC Gold Rating was achieved for the building by means of undertaking various water conservation and saving measures, waste management, electrical energy saving and generation, occupants comforts and other eco friendly practices. The Green practices in existing building will help address National issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel use in commuting, handling of waste and conserving natural resources.

Hyderabad Bhavan manages solid waste by segregating dry and wet waste at each floor level by providing 12 bins, and maintaining common waste area by making a masonry dust. A total of 4 water meters were provided to monitor the water conservation. This building has been provided with good ventilation . The ratio between open area to carpet area in each room is more than 4%. Eco-friendly chemicals are using to clean the entire building by housekeeping agency.

Hyderabad Bhavan was using 100% fertilizers like cow dung and manure for land scaping. The existing native plants on the premises are under preservation. Solar Reflectance Index painting is done o­n roof top around 2300 square meters for heat reduction to the occupants. Water Audit is being done by third party for water conservation. Towards conservation of water, 47 number of dual flush tanks, 28 number ofurinal cocks and 98number of aerators to taps are provided. Separate rooms provided for Janitor and stores. Facilities such as toilet with railing, ramps, exclusive parking slots have been provided in the building for the convenience of Divyangjan (differently abled persons). In addition, Table Tennis, Carroms and Yoga Halls are provided in the building for occupant well being.

Vinod Kumar, General Manager, South Central Railway has appreciated the efforts of Arun Kumar Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, officers and staff of the Division those who are involved in achieving the Green Co Rating Certificate to Hyderabad Bhavan.

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