Restoration of Historic Nampally Sarai

Restoration of Historic Nampally Sarai

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Hyderabad: Restoration of the historic Nampally Sarai is being taken up by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. It was informed by the Special Chief Secretary to Municipal Administration and Urban Development Mr. Arvind Kumar. 

In response to a tweet, urging to intervene and take action to repair and renovate the Sheikpet Sarai, Arvind Kumar said that the restoration of the  Nampally Sarai with GHMC is taking up and also look into restoration of Sheikpet Sarai, he tweeted.

Restoration of historic structures have been going on in the city in the last few years, with Arvind Kumar himself taking the initiative to restore the Moazam Jahi market among others.

In March this year, Arvind Kumar had visited the 121 year old palace Sardar Mahal and the Nampally Sarai and announced restoration of the two structures.  (Munsif News Bureau)