Muslim Organizations vows to protect waqf properties; Massive Dharna on Feb 25

Muslim Organizations vows to protect waqf properties; Massive Dharna on Feb 25

Still more than 400 cases are pending in various courts in the state on Waqf properties, the Waqf Board is even failing to file affidavit in these cases, they alleged.

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Hyderabad: In view of the Supreme Court of India giving its verdict against the Telanganan State Waqf Board and declaring 1654.32 acres of land of Dargah Husain Shah Vali land as the government land, Muslim organizations has came out against the ruling TRS government to fight legally, politically to protect the Waqf properties in the state. 

The Round Table Conference has been organised on “Save Waqf” by the Save Waqf Properties, Minorities Welfare led by Sanaullah Khan, Muneeruddin Mujahid, Nayeemullah Shareef, Syed Iftekharuddin, Mula Yousuf, MA Azeez, MA Azeez  and others in which representatives of several Muslims organizations, Advocates, Professors, Intellectuals and leaders from the Bahujan Samaj participated has reminded that the ruling TRS party of Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao promised in the Election Manifesto that if Muslims vote for TRS party and if they come to power, they will provide judicial powers to Waqf Board, Waqf Properties will be protected, and provide 12 per Reservation for Minorities and also  promised to withdraw the stand taken by erstwhile combined Andhra Pradesh state in the case of Dargah Husain Shah Vali land in Supreme Court.

They said Muslims has supported in full, but the TRS government has failed to fulfill the single promise, none of the said promises were implemented, instead of implementing the promise, the TRS government has strengthened the case against the Waqf Board. Still more than 400 cases are pending in various courts in the state on Waqf properties, the Waqf Board is even failing to file affidavit in these cases, they alleged. 

During the last 8 years of TRS rule, all the Minorities institutions became disfunctional there is no head for the Waqf Board, Minorities Finance Corporation, Urdu Academy etc. Several TRS Ministers and MLAs are involved in Waqf land grabbing cases and filing cases in courts against Waqf Board. 

Waqf Board is losing the cases in the courts due to inefficient Waqf Board Management, Waqf Board lost prime Waqf properties after TRS government came to power more particularly of Malkajgiri Dargah Meer Momin Pahadi, Mamidipalli – Maheshwaram, Guttala begumpet and recently Dargah Husain Shah Vali Manikonda etc.

They said Ilyas Ahmed, MRO on deputation who was serving the Waqf Board honestly has been sent back to his parent department with unexplained and haste and hurry at 10 pm and he was prevented from assisting the advocates in defending the valuable Waqf property.

They said that our ancestors have donated their valuable properties to Waqf for the benefit of the distressed and deserving people of the Muslim community, they said that it is the duty of the government and all the responsible organizations and people to protest the Waqf properties which are created/donated for the welfare and development of the poor deserving people in the Muslim Community.

They alleged that the State government is deliberately allowing corrupt and inefficient people due to which Waqf Board is losing cases in courts. It is obvious that, the Waqf Board wich is subordinate to State will not go against its political bosses and try to please them at the cost of losing prime Waqf properties.

They said Waqf Board elections notification issued. House Committee Report 2004 not implemented resulting in tainted members/people becoming members of Waqf Board. They said according to Waqf Board 80 per cent of the Waqf properties are illegally occupied or encroached, the remaining 20 per cent Waqf properties left are also not safe.

They said that the agenda and objective of Chandra Sekhar Rao  is that to destroy the Waqf institutions and waqf properties and allow TRS party and his friendly party leaders to grab Waqf lands

In the Round Table Conference, the Muslims leaders and activists has decided to organise massive dharna at Indira Park on February 25 to make it success, they planned to meet again on February 20 to finalise the future coruse of agitational programme, and also decided to nominate its own Advocate in the panel of Advocates who are going to file Review Petition in supreme Court by the Waqf Board and also to constitute 10 members committee  in which 5 members will be retired judges and Advocates and remaining 5 will be social activists. 

They have also decided to constitute the committee to build pressure on the government and Waqf Board for the distribution of atleast 100 sq yards of land to the poor Muslims for construction of houses from the remaining 20 per cent of the Waqf land, this recommendation is to protect the Waqf lands from the influential encroachers, they said.