Hurricanes Win, Renegades Lose Harper to a Concussion

Hurricanes Win, Renegades Lose Harper to a Concussion

The Hobart Hurricanes managed to secure a victory against the team from Melbourne with a difference of just four runs. The final result was 190/3 for Hobart’s team, whereas Renegades had a total of 186/4.


It was an exciting game, filled with great action — a real joy for every cricket fan out there. However, some things were far from ideal. People watching cricket matches today in Australia were able to see some really great moves coming from both teams, as they rushed into a photo finish. Hurricanes won the game but Renegades lost much more than that — a player who suffered a concussion after a serious injury during the match.


Sam Harper, the wicket-keeper for Melbourne, officially became the first player in KFC BBL to be replaced during the game after experiencing a severe concussion. The entire Marvel Stadium watched in fear as the cricketer experienced a head injury. The problem with Harper is that this is not the first time he injured his head. As a matter of fact, he has a history of head injuries. Although some would say that he is now used to it, it’s never a laughing matter, as this injury could be career-threatening.

How Did It Happen?

Hurricanes’ paceman Nathan Ellis was standing in the way of Harper running. The 23-year-old cricketer tried to jump over Ellis, failing in his attention and falling down right on the back of his head. Although he wore a helmet, that wasn’t enough for the player to return to the game.


As he was lying down on the ground, Dr Trefor James approached and helped him get up. Harper tried to fool everyone into thinking he was doing fine and that it was just a minor injury. He had a talk with both Dr James and his physiotherapist Nick Adcock. During the talks, he assured the two medical professionals that he was okay and he even returned to the game after a delay that lasted for quite a while.


Yet, Dr James wasn’t sure about young Harper returning to the game. He quickly approached one of the umpires and spoke with them about the potential replacement for Harper during the fourth over of Renegades’ innings.


Tom Cooper was selected as the replacement. He entered the game only to see his team lose in the end.


When it comes to Harper, he was taken to the dressing room where medical professionals further examined his state. He was then sent to a local hospital where he underwent ‘further observation’, according to a spokesperson from Renegades.

Sam Harper’s Bad Luck — Will It Ever End?

As previously mentioned, Sam Harper has had his share of bad luck as a cricket player. Back in 2017, a very frightening incident took place when Jake Lehmann accidentally hit him in the head with the tip of his bat. Harper immediately fell down and was unable to get up.


Soon after that, he was transported to a hospital where he was in constant pain for a long time and required 24/7 medical attention for his condition. He was supervised all the time, as he was unable to walk for some time after the hit.


After that, Harper managed to get back on his feet and even returned to playing cricket. His comeback was somewhat of a miracle, as the young player started cricketing full time for the Renegades — until his game against the Hurricanes.


Harper is only 23 years old; experiencing two head injuries at such a young age is never a good thing. Hopefully, he will recover quickly and return to playing cricket once again.

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