Highway robbers snatch gold and cash from passengers in train near Palamur

Hyderabad, Sept.22 : A gang of highway robbers snatched chains from passengers on Yashwanthapur–Kacheguda Express train near Divitipally Railway Station in Mahbubnagar district in the wee hours of Saturday.

The Kachiguda Railway Police said there were three to four suspects involved in the offence, and are believed to be the passengers of the train. The suspects had allegedly tampered the signals in the train at Divitpally station, which is a forest area due to which the train had stopped.

After 4 am, the criminals allegedly snatched gold chains from outside the window and fled. Total chain snatchings were reported to be six and five cell phones and cash of Rs 10,000 was also stolen by the culprits. The Railway Police are examining the CCTV footages and other evidences to nab the culprits.

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