High Court Granted Bail to Teenmaar Mallana

High Court Granted Bail to Teenmaar Mallana

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Hyderabad: The High Court of Telangana granted bail to Teenmaar Mallanna alias Chintapandu Naveen, Journalist. Cases were registered against him in the various police stations in the city including in Chilkalguda. He was in jail for about two months.

The High Court which heard the bail petition by Teenmaar Mallanna granted the bail today. 

He was arrested in August on the allegations of demanding Rs. 30 lakh from an astrologer. The police then conducted raids on Q news and seized some hard disks and documents. 

So far, the police registered 38 cases against Teenmaar Mallanna of which six were dismissed by the High Court. Of the remaining 32 cases, the High Court granted bail in 31 cases.