GHMC Vigilance & Enforcement cell with Disaster Management will be strengthened

Hyderabad, May 29 : Viswajeeth Kampati, IPS, Director, Vigilance, Enforcement and Disaster Management, GHMC said the existing Vigilance and Enforcement cell with Disaster Management will be strengthened more to tackle the emergency situation during monsoons, removal of un authorized constructions, safeguarding the Govt., properties of the main activities of the wing.

The Disaster Management cell was existing only in Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the GHMC is the only Municipal Corporation which created Vigilance, Enforcement and Disaster Management duly appointing an IPS officer for overall controlling under the directions of the Commissioner, GHMC.

The State Govt., is very particular to make the city to that of a World Class keeping in view of the importance of the works this wing is being strengthened more to tackle all the emergency situations.

Sri Viswajeeth Kampati, IPS, Director, Vigilance, Enforcement and Disaster Management, GHMC has joined on 23rd March later on the Govt., has issued certain directions basing on the Govt., order he has taken over the charge as Director on May 10th. For strengthening the existing wing additional staff from Police, Engineering, Fire Services and other departments are being deployed on deputation from various Departments in GHMC.

The Director informed that this wing has provided 16 vehicles in which 8 for Enforcement and another 8 for Disaster Management, 44 outsourcing employees from Streetlights wing also deployed in this wing. A separate training programme to all the staff is being planned for taking up the works in a more appropriate way.

The works pertaining to Disaster Management protecting lakes, Govt., Lands, parks, play grounds and major other activities will be taken care by this wing. This wing is being provided at Buddha Bhavan where Commanding Control System which is existing in GHMC Head Office is also being planned to establish at Buddha Bhavan also where this wing will take up to curb plastic menace imposing of penalties providing 900 CC Cameras at the lakes to curb the illegal dumping of C&D waste and land grabbing and also for effective implementation of the wing.

`The Director further informed that from the last 15 days 16 unauthorized constructions have been removed and all the enforcement wings which are existing in Circles offices will work as usual.

3 thoughts on “GHMC Vigilance & Enforcement cell with Disaster Management will be strengthened

  1. My name is VIJAY KUMAR I HAVE GIVEN NO.of complaints and STILL CONTINUING, without taken action and without consulting us even on phone and sending messages AS action taken if you notsatisfy call as on 21111111 and it is going on continuing still they are sending same. I am waiting for HONEST OFFICERS from GHMC, offcourse some OFFICERS ARE trying BUT they are helpless because of the political pressure and their corruption. I have seen that in” MYGHMC “APP complaints are dealing by the folowers of political leaders (who has been taken votes from us) who are involved in DADAGIRI AND ROWDISM in LOCAL streets and making illegal settlements and sending some wrong evidences by themselves to consult OFFICERS and earning money from malefactors and finally “MYGHMC APP ” is USING as for settlements BY politicians behind the screen (WHO HAS BEEN TAKEN VOTES FROM US),according to my complaints it is true (BANSILAL PET WARD,SEC-BAD),

  2. Another puppet of govt. Which shakes the tail for political & darty politicians like earlier ones All Rubber Stamps for this why do u need LAS & IPS u only need Guntas like Nayeem & others. U appoint them & don’t give the full powers then y this IPS officer for what.

  3. I from sadath nagar, errakunta under jalpally municipality have given many complaints to jalpally municipality, enforcement vigilance department at tankbund, town planning department, Cdma dept at masabtank regarding nala and road enchantment but no department intrest to remove enchrochment and acquire Gov’t land, here drainage lines and rain water over and over flow and enter into house’s, here exit roads are enchroched by land grabbers, my kind request to concern department to take action and give roads to residents of sadath nagar and toor colony resident’s,
    Now big drainage pipes are laying in nala but still 25ft enchrochment not been removed,
    Land grabbers also made illegal documents and jalpally municipality allotted house door number 7-22/2 toor colony, errakunta under jalpally municipality for Gov’t land.

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