Gaming Standards Association of Canada declares Blockchain as the main target of 2020

The Gaming Standards Association of Canada is ushered to step into a new chapter. Entering into the new chapter is entirely related to blockchain technologies and implementation. Canada has a liberal approach to the gaming industry, and GSA is the central pillar of the system. Without GSA, it would be hard to control the ecosystem.

2019 was a very successful year for GSA members. The Canadian branch of GSA has a big success from different perspectives. If we take a look at artificial intelligence, then the gaming industry has a very long way to go. The leading conference and meet-up between GSA members happened in the middle of 2019, and the theme of the meeting was the role of artificial intelligence. 2020 is a new chapter for many members, and now it’s time to focus on blockchain systems.

What’s the blockchain committee about and how to transform the industry?

If you have not lived under the rock for the last decade, then you should know about the tech revolution in the global monetary system. Since 2010, everything has changed in the financial system, and it’s a significant advantage of the world population who love to control money alone without any third-parties. Blockchain literally transformed our approach to money, monetary platforms, and transactions. Everyone around the world has a choice now – they can send and receive transactions without any restrictions. Banks and third-parties can’t control the money that’s going through blockchain systems.

The gaming industry is very adaptable. Without trends, the industry could go in a very bad direction. From the 20th century, industry leaders were first to react appropriately to technological achievements. The same scenario goes with blockchain and thought leaders in the gaming industry want to respond appropriately to the blockchain revolution.

Most significant blockchain currency – Bitcoin became the hit of 2nd decade of the current century. We saw a massive rise in Bitcoin’s price over the years, and it seems unstoppable. Bitcoin-based gaming platforms became popular as people were happy to manage their funds freely. In 2019, the GSA of Canada saw a rise of bitcoin-based casinos. In the gaming industry, bitcoin casinos were the most significant trend of 2019, and the association decided to react on time. Last year, GSA of Canada appointed Earle Hall as the CEO of the Block-chain committee.

Gaming industry aims for the better blockchain adapted gaming industry in 2020

Appointing Earle, as the CEO of the committee, was a very bold decision. GSA has shown real vision and hopes that it can adapt to crypto and blockchain platforms. Canada is one of the top gaming countries, and the association wants to vindicate its current status along with the crypto revolution.

Earle Hall noted that 2020 would be the biggest year of crypto. The gaming industry would be dead without trends. Along with trends and people’s attention, the gaming industry is improved. That’s why the blockchain committee is a must.

The new CEO is the thought leader in the gaming sector. His appointment would give a massive boost to blockchain firms to open the discussion and negotiation with gaming platforms.

Although industry leaders wait for fast results, the committee has very limited scope. First of all, committee members have to identify the most convenient blockchain technology for the gaming industry. It has to be documented and understood from the standpoint of the GSA system rules.

The block-chain committee has to identify and use the current cryptosystem, not to develop a new one. While Blockchain is mostly associated with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin rise, Earle wants to use the system for making the industry safer. That’s a very valid point for the new CEO of the committee as he is eager to make the ecosystem of gaming a very stable and secure place.

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