Fire Accident in Gandhi Hospital Due To Short Circuit

Fire Accident in Gandhi Hospital Due To Short Circuit

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Hyderabad: The Director of Medical Education Dr. Ramesh Reddy has inspected the Gandhi Hospital fire scene and said that a fire broke out due to a short circuit at wee hours, today.

Dr. Ramesh Reddy said that a special fire brigade had been set up in Gandhi Hospital. Fire crews arrived immediately and put out the blaze within 15 minutes. No one was injured and no equipment was damaged. 120 patients were evacuated to an adjoining ward. 

However, he said that all the burnt materials will be removed and it will be cleared in 2 days. The people engaged electrical workers to check the boards in the adjoining wards. He said that all the hospital staff including the doctors will conduct mock drills to fight against fire in an emergency.

Fire Station has been set up in the hospitals. Dr. Ramesh Reddy said that there were only a few patients in the ward at the time of the fire accident.