Etala warns foreigners not to leave amidst quarantine period

Hyderabad, March 23 (NSS):  Health Minister Etala Rajender today said that Corona positive cases increased to 33 on Monday.
Talking to media he warned of serious action against those foreigners for leaving  in the middle
of 14 days from  quarantine shelters on proving positive for Corona virus.  He said that family members have to ensure these patients remain indoors.  Now we are in stage two of the Corona virus spread and should not allow third stage to enter he said.  People have to show restraint until the problem is addressed.
The minister expressed displeasure as people are coming onto roads. Why they not show similar
support as shown during Janatha curfew that was successful.  Ensure that the Corona virus is ended with collective measures.
Only one person can go to purchase essential commodities and avoid panic buying he said. He asked private hospitals be ready with beds and staff should to serve Corona virus suspected cases.   People have to maintain discipline to route out the Corona virus from the state. All the allotted hospitals are offering health services to prevent Corona virus spread.  These 7 to 10 days are important to prevent Corona virus spread and remain indoors the minister stated. (NSS)

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