Emergency like situation prevailing in Telangana says Kishan Reddy,Dy CM defends him

Hyderabad, Mar 14 (Munsif News): The House witnessed heated exchanges between BJP floor leader G. Kishen Reddy and Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari and Legislative Affairs Minister T. Harish Rao.

Kishan Reddy alleged that Emergency like situation prevailing in the State, stating that all the section of people are feeling that there is no democracy, the government is threatening the media, putting in jails and House arrest to the political leaders, suspending and expelling the opposition members when they’d speak against the government. There was unrest among unemployed youths, government employees, farmers, journalists, there is no freedom to do dharna and protest, Dharna chowk has been removed with the intention for not allowing people to protest, leaders including himself has been House arrested.

When the BJP leader was saying this, the Deputy Chief Minister and the Minister for Legislative Affairs and other TRS members tried to stop him by shouting against him, Kadiam Srihari said that the BJP member is telling by mistake what the Modi government is doing at the National level, the Modi government is attacking minorities in all parts of the country. nor it has given any funds to the State government.

When all the TRS members tried to stop him by shouting against him, the BJP leader has become angry against the Speaker who also tried to stop him, he said, that he has not named anybody, when the name of Modi has been taken, the Deputy Chief Minister has to prove were the minorities has been attacked and even prepared to give the details the funds released by the Center to Telangana and said when the ruling party has no patience to hear the criticism, he ready to walk out, then the Speaker asked him repeatedly to continue and the treasury benches maintain silence.

Participating on the thanks giving address on Governor speech, at Assembly, today, the BJP leader pointed out that the Governor address has been reduced from 29 pages of last year to 18 pages this year, which means there is reduction in the functioning of government and also there is reduction in the strength of the House, all the schemes has not been implemented.

He said that the Central government has sanctioned two lakh houses for the poor in the state, where are those houses, any construction has been done, double bed room scheme has remained only on paper and promises since last 4 years, there is no mention of giving 3 acres of land to the SC and STs. since last 4 years the time has been spent on redesigning and rendering on the irrigation projects for escalating the cost, not a single project has been completed. In last 65 years, the debt was only Rs. 65 crores within 4 years the debts of state has increased to nearly Rs. 2 lakh crores, the government has not even filled the vacant posts, no single teacher or professors has been recruited. the so-called TSPSC is issuing the notification for the recruitment and cancelling it, this was only going on. Farmers loans has not been waved off fully, more than 1.50 lakh students did not get fee reimbursement. The Palamuru University is functioning with only 2 staff members.


In the flow of debate, Kishen Reddy said, that there is no recognition to the people who has struggled for the separate State of Telangana, Chief Minister and his family members are claiming that because of their efforts only Telangana has achieved. he pointed out that the Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao who was making allegation at the then Congress members for not celebrating the Hyderabad Liberation Day and given assurance that after Telangana is formed, Hyderabad Liberation Day will be celebrated officially, he asked the then Congress members to join TRS, now I am asking the TRS members to join the BJP, in the midst of it, the Speaker has cut the mike and asked the BJP leader to conclude and asked the TDP member R. Krishnaiah to speak. (Munsif News)

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