Drunk “couple” create chaos at Madhapur, held

The two identified as Kiran Reddy and Anu Gupta were allegedly under the influence of alcohol with BAC levels more than 100.

Hyderabad, Nov.10 : A man and a woman, both allegedly drunk, were caught at Madhapur late Friday night for reckless car driving and hitting several passersby. The duo was identified as Nanduri Kiran Reddy, who was driving the car and his accomplice Anu Gupta. They were taken taken to Madhapur police station.

The drunken duo went on rampage even in the Madhapur police station ransacking it. Police said earlier Kiran Reddy was arrested under PD Act and was involved in 13 criminal cases all over Telangana State. A rowdy sheet was also registered against him in Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. He was also banned from entering pubs in Hyderabad.

Police said while the drunken duo was coming towards Madhapur from Hightech city on very high speed, another car coming from opposite direction dashed against their car. The duo chased the hit-and-run car, pulled out the occupants and heaped abuses against them. When the victims lodged a complaint, the Jubilee Hills police rushed to the spot and took them into custody after examining them through breathe analyzer.

Police took them to the police station where they created a violent scene saying that they knew top police officers. Anu Gupta also went berserk attacking furniture in the police station. Women police were called to control her and registered cases against them. Kiran Reddy’s finger prints revealed his criminal history.

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