Drown Congress into Bay of Bengal: KTR tells people

Hyderabad, Oct.11 : Lashing out at the Congress for indulging in giving false promises in auction mode, caretaker minister KT Rama Rao today appealed to the people to dump it into the Bay of Bengal by defeating it in the upcoming elections. He likened the truck between the two rivals as two Sanyasis rubbing each other to produce ash and nothing else. Their promise to bring a railway line to the segment in a couple of years on being voted to power in the Assembly elections will prove to be a big lie.

Addressing a meeting at his Siricilla segment, KTR ridiculed that the Congress has no cadre and the Telugu Desam has no leaders. Both the parties are getting together forming a grand “dirty” alliance to take on the TRS and making baseless charges against it. The minister wooed the people of the segment to vote for him and the TRS leaders if they think that they have done some development in the segment and the state of Telangana. “While my mother gave me birth and you gave me political life and I will strive more to develop it 10 times more than what I have done so far,” he affirmed.

Striking a sentimental card at the voters, he said in three years he has developed the constituency to a significant extent and will develop more if given power again at the hustings. In addition to giving Rs 8,000 per acre crop investment, KCR was giving Rs 5 lakh insurance to farmers. “We are providing pension to 43 lakh persons by raising it from meagre Rs 200 to Rs 1000 while the Congress and BJP were making tall empty promises to increase it”, he said. Earlier during its rule, the Congress refused to increase the pension, when KCR Government increased it, they are wooing people for the votes. Even former Congress chief minister Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy did a similar move by decreasing ration rice price to Re 1.20 a kg while it was Rs 2 a kg during NTR regime, he recalled. The Congress is learnt to have taken a decision to get marriage alliance to youth and get feed their children later, he ridiculed.

Stating that Mission Bhagiratha waters will soon reach the households, KTR said the TRS regime has earned Rs 500 crore income on sand mining while the previous Congress regime swindled funds and shown only Rs 40 crore in 10 years. He also slammed the BJP for promises like giving Rs 5,000 house rent will be a trick as Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to deposit Rs 15 lakh into the accounts of each Indian. If Modi does so, the TRS Government will pay house rent to the BJP leaders, he quipped.

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