Congress Ready for election War-Vijayashanti

Hyderabad, Sept.29 : Former MP and Congress party star campaigner Vijayashanti has stated that the Congress party was ready for election war. She said that they were getting ready to defeat the enemy to do benefit to the people.

After the Congress Party Campaign Committee meeting held at Gandhi Bhavan here on Saturday, Vijayashanti reminded caretaker chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s words that she was a god gifted sister and said that the people would deliver verdict on the fight between brother and sister. She thanked AICC chief Rahul Gandhi for giving star campaigner responsibilities to her. She said that she came before the media after a long time and stated that she will speak about her later.

Campaign Committee Chairman Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said that the coming elections would be between the ‘Dora’ and the people of the state. He said that the fruits of the state, which was achieved for the sake of protection of self respect, were not reaching the common man. The Telangana state was being looted in the last four and half years, he said that and urged balladeer Gaddar, Goreti Venkanna, Vimalakka to come along with them. He made it clear that they will take all along with them to set up peoples’ government. There was no freedom, expression of freedom in Telangana state, he lamented and said that the details of bus yatra, public meeting and road shows of the party will be revealed very soon.

Congress senior leader and campaign committee co-chairman DK Aruna alleged that TRS government deceived the people totally. She said that the Committee will give a clear picture within two, three days. The Congress party would wage a fight to free the people from the TRS party slavery. She called upon the people and opposition parties to unite to dethrone the TRS government. (NSS)

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