Congress flays Centre over GDP, jobs; says economy punctured

New Delhi, Aug 31 : Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has slammed the Narendra Modi-led BJP government, saying that it has deflated the economy.

Taking to microblogging site Twitter, Priyanka said: “It is clear from the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate that the BJP government, which is blowing the trumpet of good days, has punctured the economy.”

She pointed out that “Neither GDP growth nor rupee has strengthened. Employment is missing in the country. Now it is clear as to who wants to destroy the economy?”

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala also reiterated the words of the Congress General Secretary and shared a picture on social media in which the GDP graph can be seen dipping down.

Along with the picture he pointed out at “The ‘State of Economy’ in BJP rule!” and also questioned that “Is this the ‘New India’? The ‘plight of the economy’ in the BJP government! Is this ‘New India’?”

A severe slowdown in manufacturing activity pulled India’s GDP growth rate down to 5 per cent in the first quarter ended June, the lowest in six years. From 8 per cent in Q1 of 2018-19 to 5 per cent in this quarter, the GDP has fallen by 3 per cent in barely a year.

One thought on “Congress flays Centre over GDP, jobs; says economy punctured

  1. *Economic growth* link with every fiber of our life, working forces, all our System, Specially Media & Bureaucrats will rely only on the ladder of Honesty but not in the pool of Politics.

    *True! no one kills to honesty* . But once it’s come into the practice it’s differ from person to person due to the terror around us, sometimes huge to fail us.

    *If Politics come forward in place of Honesty* then everything will spoil, except our Media and Political Leaders, finally they left us in poverty* .

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