Beware of Spurious/Fraud phone calls,LIC cautions its customers

Hyderabad, March 7 : “Beware of Spurious/Fraud phone calls. Unauthorised people may try to entice you with alluring offers on your LIC policies”, says a cautionary notification to its customers. The notification warns its customers against such misleading calls from people posing as LIC officials or any other official.

The LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) has requested the people not to entertain calls from unverified sources and not to be tempted by any exaggerated promises of any monetary benefit an reveal your policy details or make any payment to anyone or surrender your policy. “In case you receive such calls, please file an FIR with the police with details of the phone number from where you got the call and also report it to us with copy of police complaint (if FIR is filed) at”, it says.

It may be recalled here that a few days, an incident of a city lady doctor losing more than a Crore of Rupees, by responding to fraud phone calls about her LIVC policy getting Huge Bonus has come to light.

Credited to Your Account

Fraudsters are also resorting to various types of methods to make easy money, in the name of friendship with lovely and pretty people, sexy talks; saying that Your Mobile has won Crores of rupees (huge amounts) in lottery of renowned companies, etc. Another type of MSM on your mobile aimed at cheating you has come up now-a-days. The message says: Your friend Swathi has credited Rs.1000 to you on Fynd. Use code BK3VP1 to redeem it. Downloand ADP https// Another message says: Your friend Sai has credited Rs.1000 to you on Fynd. Uncode H7T6UI to redeem it. Download..” Beware of such messages; don’t get cheated.


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