Hyderabad, Mar 28 (Munsif News) : The Telangana State Assembly has passed the bill to provide for the establishment of private universities in the state of Telangana called “The Telangana State Private Universities Bill-2018”

This is first Bill for establishing the Private Universities after the formation of Telangana State. Even in the United Andhra Pradesh no such Bill was there, hence there was no private Universities in Telangana or in Andhra Prdesh. But the Andhra Pradesh government has also passed this type of Bill for establishing private Universities.

While introducing the Bill, on the floor of the House, the Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari has requested the members to pass the Bill stating that Telangana State got the International exposure and the students of Telangana should be competitive in facing the challenges faced in the world.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that in the present scenario of global competition and an economy deeply linked to other countries in the world, the need of developing our youth and students with globally competitive capabilities requires setting up of World Class Universities in the State, in this endeavour, it is important to encourage private participation to provide instruction, teaching and training in the University in the field of Higher Education and make provisions for research, innovation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge, provide consultancy to the industry and public organisations, arrangement for National and Global participation in the field of higher education (Munsif News)

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