6 killed in Bangladesh textile factory fire

Dhaka, Sep 20 : At least six people were killed on Wednesday in a fire that broke out in a textile factory near the Bangladeshi capital.

More than 300 workers were present in the factory at the time of the incident. “We found six bodies in two floors of the factory (…) We don’t have information of anyone missing,” Deputy Director of Munshiganj Fire Service Farid Uddin told Efe news.

The fire broke out at around 10 a.m., during peak working hours at the Ideal Textile Mills factory in Munshiganj, a town close to Dhaka.

The fire service said the blaze may have been caused by sparks from welding work with flammable chemicals stored in a warehouse.

Five people, including the Director General of the company, were being currently interrogated, police said.

In July, 13 people were killed when a boiler exploded in another Bangladeshi factory.

Bangladesh’s textile sector has been under scrutiny for years owing to poor working conditions, especially after the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in 2013, which killed 1,100 workers and injured 2,500.

In August, a Dhaka court sentenced the owner of the Rana Plaza textile complex to three years in prison, in the first judicial sentence related to what was Bangladesh’s greatest textile tragedy.

Bangladesh’s textile sector is worth $34 billion and employs around four million people, and represents 81 per cent of the country’s exports.


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