4 Most Popular Sports in the Betting World

Betting on sports has been of interest to people for almost if the games themselves. And the staggering figures in the sports betting world do utmost justice to this fact. This multimillion-dollar industry has over time gained a lot more than just money. Innovation and the rise of internet and mobile access has led to people being able to punt online from their homes through mobile apps, betting sites, without them having to go to an actual casino! Bookies have made possible the access to even wider masses. In places like the UK and Australia, it can be said that betting is a way of life for most people there.


Where all seems well, the harsh reality is that there are some mistakes you could be making while wagering on sports. One very big mistake is not keeping up with the trend, not staying aware of the news from around you and the world and not having enough knowledge on the spearheading sports. You should always look up a bit on what sports are really doing well in the betting industry and punting on what will benefit you. Well, lucky for you, that’s exactly the piece of information we’re here to impart for you! Here’s the list of the most popular sports in the betting world:


  • Football


In countries like the UK and Italy where people breathe soccer, it is obvious for their wagers to be all football centric. Football to them is an emotion. Everyday millions of fans go about supporting and cheering their favorite clubs and players and catching them live or on TV.

From pre-game predictions until the post-game analysis down the pub, placing a bet on football is more of an experience than something to earn from. And if you’re a football fan then come on—you know exactly what we’re talking about.

It is so popular now that wagering, and football are synonymous and with good reason! 

  • Horse Racing

If you even have little familiarity with the betting world then who are you kidding? You know just how prominent horse racing is. We have all seen it even in movies the betting culture and the glamour on race tracks. People love to head on racetracks and it’s nearly impossible to witness the game without putting some money on the outcome.

Horse race betting is a huge market that is especially popular around the time of events such as the Glorious Goodwood, Grand National, Preakness Stakes, Royal Ascot and Epsom Derby, Kentucky Derby. The great thing about the horse racing calendar is that there are plenty of events to bet on throughout the year.


  • Boxing/MMA

Over the years, Boxing/MMA has shot up in popularity.  Martial arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, judo, kickboxing, sambo, etc. are exhibited by fighters like Connor McGregor who further elevated its level manifold.

In recent times pay-per-view boxing matches have come about in the scene, proving that boxing is far from a dead sport and the fan base is ever-increasing.

And when a sport is skyrocketing as good as the likes of this, it is very natural for the people to up their punting game around it. And it’s not just in the UK that people are getting interested in this sport. In America and other places all around the globe, the world of boxing is becoming increasingly recognized.

  • Cricket

This has been more common in mainly the Indian subcontinent, but the rest of the world is now getting a hang of it. Cricket is burgeoning in terms of popularity in the world of wagering and rightly so! With the onset of many online live betting sites like https://www.10cric.com/, punting now is even easier since they can do it in the comfort of their homes.


Even amongst these sports, there must be something you might not have much knowledge on. And you must have never tried to learn about another sport just because you have since a kid religiously followed a sport. Well if that’s true, we hate to break it down to you—this is not how the betting industry works. If you really want to take your betting seriously, and bring your game on, try understanding the sports that are burgeoning in the market and that you have little knowledge on. While you might be listening to your heart on what sport you want to put your money on, there might be other sports that might require a little effort from your end but might give you way better returns. You’d never know until you try!


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