2 police officers, civilian killed in Belgium shooting

Brussels, May 29 : A man shot dead two police officers and a civilian before being gunned down by security officials in the Belgian city of Liège on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Philippe Dulieu said the assailant followed and attacked police officers with a knife, before taking a gun from them and opening fire. He then got into a vehicle parked nearby and killed a 22-year-old passenger, the BBC reported.

The gunman then fled to the nearby Waha secondary school and took a woman hostage, who was rescued unharmed. Police killed the assailant in a shoot-out that left two other officers injured, officials said.

Regional Governor Hervé Jamar said no students at the school were injured during the attack.

The man’s motive was not clear but the incident was being treated as terrorism. Police sources quoted in the local media said the man was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest” in Arabic).

Belgian broadcaster RTBF said the gunman had only been released from prison on Monday. It said that he may have been radicalised while in jail.

Footage on the social media showed people running to safety as several gunshots rang out.

Belgium remains on alert after attacks in 2016 claimed by the Islamic State terrorist group left 32 people dead.

Later that year a man attacked two police officers with machetes while shouting “Allahu Akbar” before being shot dead.

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